What a Day! Recollections from First Marathon– 21 October 2018

More like Marathon Week really! Few days before the Amsterdam marathon on Sunday 21 October 2018, I flew from hometown in Cairo where temperatures were still around late 20s and early 30s Celsius, to Amsterdam where temperatures were dropping fast to 10s and 7s at night! Upon arrival on the 18th, I was already feeling... Continue Reading →


Last Midnight Flight… At Least for Now!

My marathon journey is ending here... With the trip back from Amsterdam to Cairo. I have very mixed feelings: there's the thrill and victory... And also the questions. There's a new realization of strength within... And also a responsibility. There are no coincidences!As I get ready to get into bed after another midnight flight, I... Continue Reading →

Injury Take 2: Broken Toe!

The last 2 weeks had been hell! A short one-day trip to the sea landed me a broken middle toe. At first, the doctor reassured me that it’s likely just a bad bruise. The painful black and blue toe didn’t look so innocent, but oh well. I had to stop all activity and wait a... Continue Reading →

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