If you, or someone you know, happened to be in Cairo on Sunday morning, near the airport by any chance, and happened to see two women running, or looking like it, one of them in white shirt and black tights, and by mere coincidence informed you, and in turn you wondered, “Who do I know... Continue Reading →


Pre-run questions … And Doubts!

Mid-week runs were a hassle! Although I was really looking forward to going back fully to running, I felt the pains of the long run only slowly go away, as I now get ready for another one with several doubts and secret fears that I’m trying hard to deal with. I’m slowly increasing distances, only... Continue Reading →

Grateful for Every Step

Today I decided it’s time for some light practice though also hard! I went walking! Unlike majority of runners I heard of, I am in love with walking. I walked in my life probably longer than I would ever run. Nearly every day I made sure to walk … even just a walk to the... Continue Reading →

Injury Take 2: Broken Toe!

The last 2 weeks had been hell! A short one-day trip to the sea landed me a broken middle toe. At first, the doctor reassured me that it’s likely just a bad bruise. The painful black and blue toe didn’t look so innocent, but oh well. I had to stop all activity and wait a... Continue Reading →

To Donate or Not to Donate?

On my way to meet a friend yesterday, I was stopped by the blood donation campaign associated with the national blood bank of Egypt. Having donated blood before, I knew the process and what is required, but I was in a rush so promised them to be back another day. As I proceeded forward, I... Continue Reading →

The Crazy Idea

Before my 40th year on this planet ends, I decided to complete the 40k run I had previously swore not to do ... crazy indeed!

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