Am I creating a unique PR related to marathon training injuries or was this just bad luck combined with naiveté? This morning I woke up with this strange pain again … extensor inflammation. I didn’t really feel the burn until I was out in the street. First I wasn’t sure if it is the real... Continue Reading →


Pre-run questions … And Doubts!

Mid-week runs were a hassle! Although I was really looking forward to going back fully to running, I felt the pains of the long run only slowly go away, as I now get ready for another one with several doubts and secret fears that I’m trying hard to deal with. I’m slowly increasing distances, only... Continue Reading →

Grateful for Every Step

Today I decided it’s time for some light practice though also hard! I went walking! Unlike majority of runners I heard of, I am in love with walking. I walked in my life probably longer than I would ever run. Nearly every day I made sure to walk … even just a walk to the... Continue Reading →

Injury Take 2: Broken Toe!

The last 2 weeks had been hell! A short one-day trip to the sea landed me a broken middle toe. At first, the doctor reassured me that it’s likely just a bad bruise. The painful black and blue toe didn’t look so innocent, but oh well. I had to stop all activity and wait a... Continue Reading →

Injury: A Lesson in Awareness

As someone experienced in injuries – something to be related at length in different post – I shouldn’t have been surprised that the unusual heavy practice was bound to result in something midway. Luckily, it wasn’t as major as some earlier injuries, but something fairly simple: extensor tendinitis in the right foot. “Not too bad,”... Continue Reading →

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