Five days before flight ….Amsterdam …. Here I come!!! But what do I pack?

So folks, it’s time to pack!! Watch out for the runner! Remember …. 13705 Ticket booked, practice completed, visa received, friends contacted (to stay over and meet), I’m all set! Except I’m not really sure what to pack in my tiny carry on backpack!? Except for the shoe (my faithful, enduring Saucony), and pants (Mango... Continue Reading →


Taper Runs: What is Going On??

So, dear reader, I got over the extensor inflammation with extreme measures over the last two days (3-4 times icing per day, anti-inflammatory pills x 3, and gel as often as I could), and went for a not-so-long long run today. According to marathon gurus, it is supposed to be about 25k. After completing the... Continue Reading →

Pre-run questions … And Doubts!

Mid-week runs were a hassle! Although I was really looking forward to going back fully to running, I felt the pains of the long run only slowly go away, as I now get ready for another one with several doubts and secret fears that I’m trying hard to deal with. I’m slowly increasing distances, only... Continue Reading →

Heat Wave … Well Above 100 F

Thinking of temperatures in Celsius didn’t have the same shocking effect as Fahrenheit 🙂 100 Degrees sounded a lot more sexy than above 40, right? Last Tuesday I was out finishing some errands. As soon as I left the place I was at, I felt this shock of heat in my face … exactly the... Continue Reading →

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