What a Day! Recollections from First Marathon– 21 October 2018

More like Marathon Week really! Few days before the Amsterdam marathon on Sunday 21 October 2018, I flew from hometown in Cairo where temperatures were still around late 20s and early 30s Celsius, to Amsterdam where temperatures were dropping fast to 10s and 7s at night! Upon arrival on the 18th, I was already feeling... Continue Reading →


Running Companions

On top of my marathon to-do list is the collection of audio that I plan for company during the run. Although most of my short mid-week runs didn’t include audio and even on long runs I would listen around half the time and enjoy the silence for the other half, I realized the importance of... Continue Reading →


Am I creating a unique PR related to marathon training injuries or was this just bad luck combined with naiveté? This morning I woke up with this strange pain again … extensor inflammation. I didn’t really feel the burn until I was out in the street. First I wasn’t sure if it is the real... Continue Reading →

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