Last Midnight Flight… At Least for Now!

My marathon journey is ending here... With the trip back from Amsterdam to Cairo. I have very mixed feelings: there's the thrill and victory... And also the questions. There's a new realization of strength within... And also a responsibility. There are no coincidences!As I get ready to get into bed after another midnight flight, I... Continue Reading →


The Friendly Dog Club

I cannot forget one of my earliest runs around Maadi suburb, south of Cairo, when a gang of dogs decided I was a threat and started gathering, trying to attack. I was saved only by an alert watch guard of company building nearby. I avoided that street until today, having witnessed these dogs scare several... Continue Reading →

Taper Runs: What is Going On??

So, dear reader, I got over the extensor inflammation with extreme measures over the last two days (3-4 times icing per day, anti-inflammatory pills x 3, and gel as often as I could), and went for a not-so-long long run today. According to marathon gurus, it is supposed to be about 25k. After completing the... Continue Reading →

16K at slowest-ever!

So yesterday was my long run day and now I’m at 16k = 10 miles. With morning temperatures well above 35 Celsius, I decided to go for run at sunset. I wonder if it was a good idea! I had to take my car and park in a fairly safe spot to run through the... Continue Reading →

Running Cairo: A live Video game

Not sure if anyone ever invented a running game... they probably imagine it would be boring! I mean… all games have a running hero, so there’s nothing so particular about a game about a runner. However, thinking of running in the streets of Cairo, I feel I’m part of a running video game experience! Someone... Continue Reading →

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