Counting … proteins!

My pre-run morning routine includes 10 minutes break for toilet and reading Runner’s World. Usually I end up checking 1 or 2 of the daily articles and get very interesting insights about my new hobby. Yesterday they included this article about protein being a magic component for healthy and also fast running. Being the slow... Continue Reading →


Chafing … A New Insight into my own body!

I recall my sister saying something about chafing some years ago when she was practicing for her marathons. She complained about her bra and said a friend gave her a special cream for chafing. I didn’t pay so much attention back then …. I probably should’ve! Having a blister once in my right foot during... Continue Reading →

Taper Runs: What is Going On??

So, dear reader, I got over the extensor inflammation with extreme measures over the last two days (3-4 times icing per day, anti-inflammatory pills x 3, and gel as often as I could), and went for a not-so-long long run today. According to marathon gurus, it is supposed to be about 25k. After completing the... Continue Reading →


Am I creating a unique PR related to marathon training injuries or was this just bad luck combined with naiveté? This morning I woke up with this strange pain again … extensor inflammation. I didn’t really feel the burn until I was out in the street. First I wasn’t sure if it is the real... Continue Reading →

Watch out for 13705 :)

I just received my bib number for Amsterdam marathon ... 🙂 so exciting! Almost unbelievable how these months have passed so quickly and it's under 3 weeks now. Track the runner folks .. I want to hear the cheering!!

Pre-run questions … And Doubts!

Mid-week runs were a hassle! Although I was really looking forward to going back fully to running, I felt the pains of the long run only slowly go away, as I now get ready for another one with several doubts and secret fears that I’m trying hard to deal with. I’m slowly increasing distances, only... Continue Reading →

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