‘Cannot Depart with My Phone’ or How Nike Running App made me look like a fool!

Today was supposed to be another interval run day, but it turned out the ‘most awkward run’ day! Last interval run I used one of Nike Run Club ready guided interval runs. It was awesome! Guidance at every step, encouraging conversations, was really cool! Now comes a more complex interval run: 200 x 8. It’s... Continue Reading →


What to eat while running?

Vegetarian diet has served me quite well in life so far – over 12 years with few forced breaks in between. But when it came to running, I failed to see the link between my overall fitness level and the food I’m eating. Perhaps it’s age!? Supposedly it takes longer for any change to show... Continue Reading →

Injury: A Lesson in Awareness

As someone experienced in injuries – something to be related at length in different post – I shouldn’t have been surprised that the unusual heavy practice was bound to result in something midway. Luckily, it wasn’t as major as some earlier injuries, but something fairly simple: extensor tendinitis in the right foot. “Not too bad,”... Continue Reading →

The Crazy Idea

Before my 40th year on this planet ends, I decided to complete the 40k run I had previously swore not to do ... crazy indeed!

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