Running like a Penguin

I fell off the chair laughing while watching that lady running! She ran with a huge smile on her face – almost a grin. Everything was shaking; the arms, upper body swinging up and down, legs extending right and left, waist belt shaking powerfully. “Does she even know she’s running like a penguin?” Well, obviously... Continue Reading →


What about my boots?!

“Running can be bad for you,” some people say… but I didn’t think that sentence extended beyond just ‘physically bad.’ In fact, it can be dangerous once you get into a new season and lo and behold: your winter clothes and boots don’t fit any more!!!!!! The good news is that it’s not a problem... Continue Reading →


If you, or someone you know, happened to be in Cairo on Sunday morning, near the airport by any chance, and happened to see two women running, or looking like it, one of them in white shirt and black tights, and by mere coincidence informed you, and in turn you wondered, “Who do I know... Continue Reading →

A Hole in my Soul!

Back to Cairo, I spent the first few days busy with a ton of details: washing, cleaning house, shopping groceries, saying hello to people etc. Yesterday I got myself to start opening my machine again and work a little on some pending communications and worried about some useless details. I had the intention of heading... Continue Reading →

Last Midnight Flight… At Least for Now!

My marathon journey is ending here... With the trip back from Amsterdam to Cairo. I have very mixed feelings: there's the thrill and victory... And also the questions. There's a new realization of strength within... And also a responsibility. There are no coincidences!As I get ready to get into bed after another midnight flight, I... Continue Reading →

In Short: I MADE IT

Yes... That's me! Under 5 hours!! Totally burnt out, barely walking after the finish line! Holding my medal during a celebration dinner later with sister and friends.

The Biggest Question: WHY!

As I got up this morning to say one last goodbye to the usual mid-week route around our neighborhood in Cairo, I felt this massive surge of emotions overtake my run! Although I had an exciting audio book, I hardly listened, and instead went nose diving into some bigger question that I avoided from the... Continue Reading →

Counting down …. NINE DAYS TO GO!

This morning ‘long run’ is the last in this episode! The 14 k were completely different from any other run! I had agreed with my sister we’d be doing it together. She didn’t think after her long break and twisted ankle that she would ever complete any runs, but she did 12 with me!!!! Those... Continue Reading →

The Friendly Dog Club

I cannot forget one of my earliest runs around Maadi suburb, south of Cairo, when a gang of dogs decided I was a threat and started gathering, trying to attack. I was saved only by an alert watch guard of company building nearby. I avoided that street until today, having witnessed these dogs scare several... Continue Reading →

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