Delivering The News to a Morning Run Companion

I was waiting for this day and it’s here so I can tell the whole story! Since the summer before last, me and my sister began the rigid running routine that obviously left me wondering “why not a marathon,” – the rest of that phrase is already history. One encounter we had was this somewhat... Continue Reading →


What a Day! Recollections from First Marathon– 21 October 2018

More like Marathon Week really! Few days before the Amsterdam marathon on Sunday 21 October 2018, I flew from hometown in Cairo where temperatures were still around late 20s and early 30s Celsius, to Amsterdam where temperatures were dropping fast to 10s and 7s at night! Upon arrival on the 18th, I was already feeling... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Question: WHY!

As I got up this morning to say one last goodbye to the usual mid-week route around our neighborhood in Cairo, I felt this massive surge of emotions overtake my run! Although I had an exciting audio book, I hardly listened, and instead went nose diving into some bigger question that I avoided from the... Continue Reading →

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