Flashback 10 years ago: I wasn’t even able to walk!

I remember December 2008 very well!!!!! Following an entire year of suffering and struggling, I packed and went to India! Flashback to 2006 when it all started: I was attending a fancy company event in a super-fancy hotel, when I slipped on wet floor, down an entire staircase to the lower reception floor right after... Continue Reading →


Delivering The News to a Morning Run Companion

I was waiting for this day and it’s here so I can tell the whole story! Since the summer before last, me and my sister began the rigid running routine that obviously left me wondering “why not a marathon,” – the rest of that phrase is already history. One encounter we had was this somewhat... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Question: WHY!

As I got up this morning to say one last goodbye to the usual mid-week route around our neighborhood in Cairo, I felt this massive surge of emotions overtake my run! Although I had an exciting audio book, I hardly listened, and instead went nose diving into some bigger question that I avoided from the... Continue Reading →

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