Heat Wave … Well Above 100 F

Thinking of temperatures in Celsius didn’t have the same shocking effect as Fahrenheit 🙂

100 Degrees sounded a lot more sexy than above 40, right?

Last Tuesday I was out finishing some errands. As soon as I left the place I was at, I felt this shock of heat in my face … exactly the same feeling as opening an oven to check on something! But for the oven, at least you know it’s just few seconds, now I have no way except INTO the oven!

The first few moments on my way home were simply dreadful! I was sweating as if running! Not sure if it’s my body just acting the same way or confused on what exactly was going on, but I found all my clothes soaked exactly like in a good run … in jeans and cotton t-shirt! I was so embarrassed but wasn’t sure what to do about it, so just rushed home feeling really sticky and not so happy.

The worst part is to come home wishing for just a cool shower, only to discover that water in the taps WAS SO HOT! I nearly burnt myself, not suspecting it could be above 30! Sticking my body under the hot shower could only last for about a minute then I simply put on my clothes without drying – a trick I learnt in India to cool the body a little longer. It didn’t help as much because before 10 minutes everything was dry and I was sweaty and sticky again. I was worried to use the AC and get myself another round of sore muscles somewhere, but there was no way out.

I put the AC on in the study and just stretched on the floor, next to my dog…and slept there.

Having dreaded these heat waves since I started my practice, I was literally wondering how I could do even a short run.  I did have to pause for the two days of the worst heat, yet decided I couldn’t wait any longer and restarted yesterday to catch the long runs schedule, which for my training appear to be the biggest hurdle.

The run was dreadful! 5 am took 1 bottle of cold water, but by the 5th k it was already warm. Sweat just started on the 2nd k. Sun out at 6.30, another round of sweat did hit, and temperature was up again to around 30. Interesting enough, after the 10th k I stopped feeling anything! I heard of people who just go numb and it seems my body was nearly adapted.

By the 14th k, I felt an unquenchable thirst! My bottle still had some water (I planned really bad for hydration, now I know) and I was taking a sip every few steps, but still the thirst was there! I drank bigger and bigger sips, avoiding too much to the extent of filling. Yet, I was nearly done so decided to just continue like this to home.

Image result for heat running

Back home, I gulped a whole 1l with my last sachet of electrolytes (I brought with me from abroad since they don’t exist in Egypt!), which I had saved for much longer runs, but realized I could damage my body if I don’t rehydrate VERY FAST. After the second liter of water, my body finally started to cool a little. Thankfully the shower had some cool water also, so I managed  to bring my body temperature under control, and the day finished safely.

But many lessons for the future!

  • Hydration isn’t a joke! 1 liter for every 10k is about minimum in this weather. I will just buy bottled water on the way … no excuses
  • I will order electrolytes from anywhere in the world … I have to find a way to rehydrate also while running longer
  • Accept that heat is just part of the practice, so since there’s no way out, better just do it and my body will do fine if I’m careful
  • Accept slower runs … this is the hardest thing! Imagine being out in this heat for 2+ hours only to finish less than half a marathon! It’s dreadful! But trying to go faster was just not an option!
  • To my surprise, temperature is so nice today… I wonder what could’ve happened if I had postponed my run for a day?

In all cases I did complete my target for this week and this month and did get few lessons for future runs.

I really hope we don’t get many of these heat waves next month too!


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