16K at slowest-ever!

So yesterday was my long run day and now I’m at 16k = 10 miles. With morning temperatures well above 35 Celsius, I decided to go for run at sunset. I wonder if it was a good idea!

I had to take my car and park in a fairly safe spot to run through the only stretch of road nearby home and by the river Nile. Not too bad when there’s some light, however, after dark, I realized it was a dangerous endeavor! Sidewalks, as usual, either non-existent or occupied by parked cars, the lights that used to flood the Corniche (river banks) were all down!!!! The only source of light were the cars, and that was intermittent, and didn’t reflect all the bumps, holes, garbage piles or other objects that happened to co-exist on the running route. I had to go for the most dangerous of all options: run next to the cars, similar to all other pedestrians.

I hadn’t really prepared too well for the run: didn’t stretch before (forgot to apparently!), hadn’t eaten for 10 hours to make sure my stomach is light, but also took a medicine that caused some annoying heartburn!

The whole magic formula left me at my slowest-in-two-years run!

In fact, I noticed that the last month I’ve been getting slower and slower.

I’m not really a speed freak, but slow at this point means longer duration for running, which is super taxing under all the conditions explained.

Is it the heat?

Is it the weight loss?

Is it all the stuff in my mind?

Image result for tortoise running
Reminder of my pet tortoise, Brownie, on a good, hot sunny day

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