‘Cannot Depart with My Phone’ or How Nike Running App made me look like a fool!

Today was supposed to be another interval run day, but it turned out the ‘most awkward run’ day!

Last interval run I used one of Nike Run Club ready guided interval runs. It was awesome! Guidance at every step, encouraging conversations, was really cool!

Now comes a more complex interval run: 200 x 8. It’s complex not because it’s long, but rather because God knows how to measure 200m and 15 seconds breaks without an app!

I recall earlier my sister saying she was doing the intervals in a systematic way: measuring one side of a wall once using the app, then just going back and forth on that wall. I protested: some of the repetitions would be 10 or 15 times … I would get so bored to tears if I would do that!

Arguing that the app developed significantly since then, I proudly showed her the various guided runs and how they work. She was impressed! I wonder how I’m going to tell her that it was a scam 😦

So I actually started the run as usual: a bit of warm-up, reaching a fairly-consistent wall around a big building compound – 800 m in total, so just about ok for a short interval run – and started the run.

After the first “beginning workout” on the headphones there was total silence!

I got worried! Ran quickly for what I guessed would be well over 200m, only to realize the silly app just counting! No notification … no warning… no “pausing workout” … nothing! I checked the GPS and it was showing the map quite right, so what’s wrong???

So, my dear Reader, I ended up running 7 instead of 8 intervals, holding my phone to look, click on and off and track my run, and in short looking like an idiot running in the middle of the street to avoid bumping into the wall while looking at my phone!

At 5:30 am, with few guards around the building and 3 other people practicing ‘walking’, I was the single idiot who cannot leave her phone EVEN WHILE RUNNING! What do you call that????? Over and above, she runs really fast, then she slows down for no obvious reason!

Just to top it up, my phone camera got activated by mistake several times in between and I had to slow down to stop it! Gosh, what a hilarious morning! I finished the short 5k total run drenched in sweat despite all … likely driven by the unusual speed as well as the stress caused by all the confusion.

Back home later, checking online, I realized that’s the usual: runners either hold their devices in their hands like me, or have other apps to track such runs!

I will need to opt for this as well I guess, or just go for the wall option – I realized the building I ran around has 2 sides each extending 200m, so I can track distance there. The challenge will be tracking breaks, but I will just have to use my watch.

No way I’m running holding my phone again!

Image result for running looking at mobile


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