What to eat while running?

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Vegetarian diet has served me quite well in life so far – over 12 years with few forced breaks in between. But when it came to running, I failed to see the link between my overall fitness level and the food I’m eating. Perhaps it’s age!? Supposedly it takes longer for any change to show results for my body.

I consider myself healthy and comfortable at 58kg. At 166cm, it’s a pretty good ratio overall. However, with my history of injuries and back problems, I realized that gaining or losing weight was problematic, so I kept a kind of systematic diet for years to avoid such conditions – with few exceptions on special occasions of course J

However after my father passed away in April, I went on total spiral with food! I’d go for days eating 3 meals a day (my norm is 2) with chocolates and snacks in between. By May, when I made the crazy decision to practice for a Marathon, I had probably gained a good amount of weight. I hadn’t really weighed myself in years – a conscious decision! –it was just my gut feel that weight was going out of my healthy ranges.

However, I wasn’t able to do much about it while staying with my grieving mother. Running helped me feel a bit more relaxed about the extra food, easing my mind off the worry a bit.

The change came when 2 things coincided: my back started hurting (too much weight, I thought!) and I went back home to my 2-meals-a-day diet. After a chat with my sister, I gave up my personal pact and decided to find out how much I weighed. Lo and behold… I was at 55kg!!! That was below my healthy range – no wonder my back was struggling.

It seems the running plus the extra hectic activities with my mother overcompensated for the strange diet I thought was causing me to gain weight!

I started a new diet plan that, I must say, was delicious and rewarding! I added a lot of pasta and bread to my diet! I still eat twice a day – a pattern I got in India and served me well for many years – but now I’m more careful of what goes on the plate. My norm was to fill about half the plate and see if that’s enough. Now I try to fill two-thirds and sometimes a full plate!

Well, the rewarding plan helped to an extent, but there’s still my question on whether it’s actually a good idea to just run with lighter weight!

The dilemma is that usually running lighter is a good idea: every kg extra is more weight to carry while running. But given my overall low energy and back aches, I wonder if the extra weight is a necessary evil!

“At 40, it’s harder to gain or lose weight” … everyone says that! The body is less responsive to the maneuvers of the previous 4 decades on the planet! Although I did lose 3kgs (that’s 5% of my weight), I didn’t look any slimmer than I had been, to the degree that both me and my sister doubted the scale for a moment and checked another one!

Is it possible to add this weight in muscle? I wish! But I’m not a body-builder! I hate the gym! The only other physical activity I’m happy to partake is Yoga and I’m starting a class in few days, but I doubt this will give me the edge on the muscles.

The question is on and if there’s any advice anywhere I’m happy to take it!


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