One.Two…..Five… and we’re back

I couldn’t hold it any longer! This is really a very long rest for such a small thing!

Tempted by the foot feeling much better all day yesterday and the amazing Cairo weather – it’s under 30 Celsius folks!! – I had to hit the streets, easy and slow.

I decided to take a brief jog just around the house, intentionally slowing down whenever I felt unease of any sort. It was a ‘recovery run’ by all means!

Initially I had short mileage in mind – maybe 3 or 4 k. Starting really slowly at just under 7mins/k, pain didn’t show up, although many other muscles started expressing themselves as if I hadn’t hit the streets in months. Slowly I found myself extending the run further and further from home, mentally ready to stop any moment and just take a taxi back. But there was no need: I turned at around 3k and finished 7.6k in total. I was thrilled! It’s amazing to be back.

Speed was one of the slowest in around a year, but I didn’t mind: I’m running again.

This run was different, however. Without headphones, I realized my brain wandered everywhere while paying closer attention to what’s going on in the streets. I noticed many distant smiles and encouraging gestures. Each time I met someone on crutches, holding a stick or walking with difficulty, I felt both gratitude and compassion! I run with a different mind now, I realized.

Image result for old woman on crutches

Each step on my road to the first marathon so far appears to teach me new things about myself and about the world around me … a world I thought I knew very well for 40 years, only to see it all with new eyes now.


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