Partners in Crime: The 5 am Cairo Gang

I wrote in details previously about running in Cairo, the challenges to overcome, the streets, dogs, lack of sidewalk, the puddles and much more. Yet there’s a whole other side of running in the early morning in Cairo. I call it “joining the gang.” Egyptians, and in particular city people like Cairenes or Alexandrians, are... Continue Reading →


Warm-up … Fuel … Refuel: My Discovered Recipe for Long Runs

This weekend I decided to venture into another long run. I know that I need to take one week off sometime, but the weather was simply too good to miss! Temperature was 26 (feels like 32 but still 26!) and cloudy until 8am. I couldn’t resist, worried that in August we get these consecutive heat... Continue Reading →

Back to Yoga

Finally I managed to get to the yoga class I signed up for! At the beginning, it was quite a disappointment that the only class that suited me was a beginner’s class. I had no chance to switch or change my mind. Having been a dedicated practitioner for years, I figured this would be far... Continue Reading →

Heat Wave … Well Above 100 F

Thinking of temperatures in Celsius didn’t have the same shocking effect as Fahrenheit 🙂 100 Degrees sounded a lot more sexy than above 40, right? Last Tuesday I was out finishing some errands. As soon as I left the place I was at, I felt this shock of heat in my face … exactly the... Continue Reading →

Breathing: The One Human Skill!

Don’t we all just breathe? How could this be a skill? I guess it’s pretty much the same as ‘we all eat’, and ‘we all walk’ but to do it in a such a way that it improves one’s life, it is something to learn, develop and practice, much like any other skill. The first... Continue Reading →

16K at slowest-ever!

So yesterday was my long run day and now I’m at 16k = 10 miles. With morning temperatures well above 35 Celsius, I decided to go for run at sunset. I wonder if it was a good idea! I had to take my car and park in a fairly safe spot to run through the... Continue Reading →

Running Cairo: A live Video game

Not sure if anyone ever invented a running game... they probably imagine it would be boring! I mean… all games have a running hero, so there’s nothing so particular about a game about a runner. However, thinking of running in the streets of Cairo, I feel I’m part of a running video game experience! Someone... Continue Reading →

To Donate or Not to Donate?

On my way to meet a friend yesterday, I was stopped by the blood donation campaign associated with the national blood bank of Egypt. Having donated blood before, I knew the process and what is required, but I was in a rush so promised them to be back another day. As I proceeded forward, I... Continue Reading →

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